Tips to avoid blackjack weaknesses

Blackjack PlayerA good and experienced player of blackjack understands the game really well. Players serious about their blackjack playing skills spend hours to polish their skills needed to play the game and making themselves equally strong for playing a winning round. The player not only understands the procedures of the game but also comprehends that every game has a new game plan and one need to get into in very well if he wants to come out as a real champ. A great player sets some realistic goals in his mind and has a good strategy to achieve the target, which the new players will not have. A relatively newer player is devoid of strengths and skills which real masters of the game have.

A new blackjack player can ruin himself on the game table. The novice players do not have enough experience to recognize their strength and weakness and make a move accordingly hence step into numerous traps set for them. A blackjack player can be weak due to many reasons; the commonest is their inexperience and some bad habits that often blackjack player tend to develop. Even the most experienced player isn’t spared by these foul habits that may take quite some time to get rid of it. To become a strong blackjack player needs hours of hard practice. Another problem that may often give rise to a weaker blackjack player is absence of good advice. There are numerous self-proclaimed advisors sitting around the casino waiting to provide advice, good or bad. Being a player of blackjack game you need to be very selective before you follow any one of such advices, after all it is your money.

There are many such weaknesses which are responsible plaguing down a blackjack player. Some of them are as follows

Going tilt losing your self control

Go not succumb to tilting. It has often been found that a player tilts when he find himself emotionally weak at the time he is losing. Most players keep on betting in spite of losing a lot and then want to win back all their lost money as fast as possible. Going tilt is one of the commonest mistakes that most blackjack players commit. A blackjack player who is strong will never lose his control no matter he wins or looses. He would think many times before he lays down his wager. When one is upset, he tends to lose his self-control and goes on committing mistakes that can really cost him a lot.

Ignorant about the basic of the game

To gain mastery of blackjack game you must know about the basics of the game that is mostly based on mathematics. Those players approaching the blackjack table with a little knowledge end up returning with emptied pockets. To learn the basic strategies of the game you must study the strategies of blackjack cards as these will help you play the game to win it. You can know the ways to play with dealer’s up card by the two cards in your hand. The total chart is based on mathematics that helps the player to gain a favorable condition.

Play on their haunches

It is not at all advised to play on your haunches as this blackjack weakness can cost you the most among all the above-mentioned weaknesses. Haunches aren’t worth at all, this isn’t poker and you will find no chance for picking up. Also, there will be no such clues by which you can to detect the dealer. Like you, the dealer too has not any idea of the next card. Playing on haunches is only a way to cut short your casino tour.

Betting too big too early

Most blackjack players tend to win huge baits fast betting huge amounts in short sessions. Experienced players will never fall in this trap; they will maintain their pace and proceed accordingly. Even by following the basic card strategies or counting cards you chances of winning does not rise above 47-48%. So whatever you bet, the chances of recovering is just half and by spreading average bet you can make good money

Un-targeted win limit

Most blackjack players do not know the place for stopping. If they start winning, they take it to be their lucky day and keep on betting and end up loosing all their booty. It is good to set a goal in your mind and stop as soon as you achieve it. But make sure it is a realistic one so that even if you do not attend it you are not left disheartened. Depending upon the condition, a normal blackjack player gets somewhere around 70 – 80 hands per hour. So it is intelligent to pocket you’re the amount you won and continue on playing by bankrolls by which you have started or just leave the casino with your booty.

Crossing your budget limit

Have a fixed budget and try to stay within it. The playing budget should be moderate which you afford losing. It is often heard that people often get bankrupt in repaying the money they owe to the casino. Be in your limit and stop playing when your budget is accomplished. Do not try very hard to win back all your lost booty at once. You need to be disciplined even on the board of the blackjack.

Less Practice

Most blackjack players suffer from this weakness as they think that there is no need to practice the game. Inexperienced players tend to make more and more mistakes. Blackjack is undoubtedly an easy game but still needs to be practiced a lot if you really hope to be a successful blackjack player and make some real good money by playing the game. Casino game cannot be won easily or else it wouldn’t have been set up in a casino. The great way to practice the game is to practice it online. So play as many rounds as you wish without even spending a scent for it.

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