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How to start winning consistently at Blackjack?
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Blackjack is fast becoming the most popular online casino game. While most people play blackjack just for the fun and thrill of the game, there is a growing awareness that blackjack can be played for monetary compensation too. It is a popular belief that the house has all the advantage when it comes to playing card games like Blackjack. While this is true to a certain extent, it is also true that by following certain strategies that have been formulated by experts, it is possible to even the odds and sometimes even beat those odds!!! If there is a single casino game that can be won by constantly practicing and working out the strategies that have been developed by statisticians and mathematical geniuses it is blackjack and this site will help you understand those very same strategies so that you can rake in the winnings with your expertise. Given below is a detailed account of how you can learn to win big and consistently at Blackjack. By following the strategy described you can watch your winnings grow and also know when to fall back so as to never face a loss.


This BLACKJACK SYSTEM is the creation of many years of analysis, has been formulated after a great deal of research and assures followers of success at the blackjack tables. It has been defined as a collection of points that tell you how to proceed at winning in blackjack, based on the cards that you’re dealt and the dealer’s open card.

  1. Choose your base unit of play—$5, $10, or $15 and so on. Remember that the higher the amount you choose to use as your base unit, the larger will be the bankroll you will need. If you are playing with $5 as your base unit, we recommend starting out with $150 to $200.
  2. It is advisable to always start with $5 as your first bet.
  3. Every time you win, collect your winnings and keep your base bet.
  4. Every time you lose, go up one unit. From $5 to $10, from $10 to $15, from $15 to 20 and so on. The best way to ensure that winnings are greater than the bankroll, it is best to keep track of your base unit and keep it as low as possible.
  5. Dropping down or raising up one unit for every win or loss is the ideal way to stay ahead. If you are at 4 units or above, drop down one unit every time you win. For example, if you were at $20 and you win, drop down to $15. If you were at $25, drop down to $20. If you win twice in a row, go back down to your base unit.
  6. If you are at $20 and you win, go back to $15. If you lose on $15, go back to $20.
  7. Once you get to 6, 7, or 8 units and you win once; drop back down to your base unit. For example, at $5 base unit and you win on $30, $35 or $40; drop back down to $5. If you lose on $40, automatically drop back down to $5. Never go above $40 unless you have to double down or split.
  8. Always play basic strategy. Double down when you should and split when you should. Never change from basic strategy no matter how many units you are playing. Continue basic strategy throughout the session.
  9. If you are continuously winning, it is ideal to remain at your base unit.
  10. Remember, when you lose, go up one unit. If you win, go down one unit. If you win twice in a row, go down to your base unit. NEVER, go above 8 units as a base bet and if you win on 6, 7, or 8 units, drop back down to your base unit.
  11. Set a losing limit between 30 and 40 units…i.e., $150-$200 for $5 bettors.
  12. Set a winning limit of around the same for 1 session.
  13. DO NOT VENTURE FROM THE SYSTEM. Experts have vouched for the system and proven that a lot of money has been made from this system.
  14. It doesn’t matter how many decks you are playing to use this system.

Winning at Blackjack by following this system is not only assured, it allows one to learn the nuances of the game. Diminishing the house edge to a great extent is possible by simply playing according to the above stated basic blackjack strategy. The best way to excel at this system is to constantly practice the method and identify tables where the house advantage is malleable. Learning basic strategy is the first step one has to take in order to eventually successfully turn the house edge around. There are a few precautions to be taken like never playing at a table where the dealer is consistently winning no matter the cautious and diligent approach taken by the players. It is also important to keep in mind the fact that winning can be addictive and make you raise your bets much higher than you can afford. This system is a great way to not only have fun at the blackjack tables and win at them but also to be a responsible and aware professional blackjack player.

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